Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thirties and Thriving

Life shouldn't be boring or ordinary.

A woman came into my line at Starbucks and whipped up a conversation with me as I crafted her drink [Something caramel and cold given the Summer weather]. Typically the basic conversation starters are only needed due to our rule of making one's drink in under 3 minutes. BUT. we weren't busy at that time of day and she looked like she was not in a rush.
The lady was in her early thirties and looked Hispanic. She lost her parents when she was in her twenties and was an only child. After a few failed relationships and left with nothing else but a taste for adventure- she took flight. She had already been to over twenty-ish countries and still looking. "Variety is the spice of life and who says my thirties should be accessorized by a steady job and a house with a high mortgage payment?"

I will continue to travel. I don't have to necessarily be alone.


It sounds like a tag to one of our Homecoming Events. Wait- its the title to our alumni newsletter. I knew it rang a bell.

With my contract nearing an end. I am starting to get into the planner mode and work out schedules for trips and adventures back home.
Goal: Be the best uncle ever.
Goal: Wine and dine with my siblings---except Lukester
Goal: Invite people over to our house. Bring life back into it.
Goal: ROAD TRIPS. Orlando. Cleveland. Maryland. Raleigh. Dallas. Atlanta.

How does one start to fund this? Tonita told me that if you start a youtube fan page and get over 300 followers- Youtube will start funding you. What does one even start recording?

Lock and Load.

Who would have thought that olive oil could never replace butter in baking??

Butter gives the pastry a slight airiness as it bakes.

Just like salvation. Butter is an essential.

Jolt of Caffeine

The director informed me that I will no longer be considered as an aid to administration for the new school year. Because we are doubling in students, I will have to become a full-time teacher. My teaching hours will go from 9am to 540pm.
The schedule breakout will be:

Morning 7 Years Beginners: 4 students

Preschool 6 Years: 13 students
Preschool 7 Years: 13 students

Elementary level 1: 13 Students
Project Class: 4 Students
Elementary level 6: 13 Students
Pre Kindie Level 3: 6 Students

I need an advil and a cup of coffee.

APT 406

Closure. When I first walked into the set of apartments in the middle of nowhere I could only think to myself- why did I ever agree on coming to Korea...
The wallpaper is torn.
I sleep on a mat.
How do I work the air conditioner?
All the channels are in Korean >.< Unless I feel like watching "Everybody Hates Chris" reruns.

::Insert present day apartment with furniture and inherited goods from friends and countless dumpster dives::

My director informed me that we will be moving our stuff onto the fourth floor of the school. Her and her father are constructing dorms for all of the foreign teachers. While we are assuming a much smaller space, the trek to school would be reduced from 30 minutes to 30 seconds. My house-mate said it best, "I can literally wake up and walk downstairs."

APT 406 will be known for its dinner parties and coffee chats.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Change of Plans

I thought I was going to be able to fit in another country before my contract ends in April but it looks like time and money are no longer on my side if I am wanting to do the things I am proposing for the summer months in the US. Instead of going off for the Lunar New Year holidays, I will be heading over to HIGH1 resort with some friends and co-workers. So far, we have around 12 people going on the trip and the numbers keep growing. It started out with just abotu 3 people going [Tia, Ian, and I] and now look at this baby grow!

We're going skiing and I am scared out of my mind. I dont know what to expect but Pam seems to think that my anxious nature leading up to this will result in many bruises and whelps on my body from falling down on the slopes.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dirty Dealings

In closing, when you are looking at doing shopping. Save it to the very end when you're in Delhi or at your final stop- whereever it may be. We met up with some friends there.
As a chosen few had said before, they hiked up the prices of the local goods to an astronomical price. Our friend talked down the local vendors to cheap prices and we were able to make out with a luggage full of goodies.